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On the Great Work

November 3rd, 2016 by Artemis

Eye of Horus - All Seeing Eye

There is an odd message floating about the web that is somehow drawing swaths of sheep into believing that Illumination is a negative state, or that it is evil. Illumination is naturally associated with Light and of course the original Light Bearer is Lucifer so I suppose the bible- thumpers are working over time on getting that message across these days.  Then there is the association between Illumination and the Illuminati, which actually just means “one who is enlightened”. Illuminati are heavily associated with Masonic and Rosicrucian belief systems which are rooted in the ancient mysteries. That might be where it’s all coming from but even so, I do not find anything evil about the ancient mysteries either.

Anyway, and for the record, being Enlightened is not evil. If we look at the precise definition of the word in Websters Dictionary, Enlightened means:

freed from ignorance and misinformation <an enlightened people><an enlightened time>

Are there people out there in the world that are free from ignorance and misinformation that leverage their Knowledge for evil purposes? Of course.

Truth be told, anyone can study the ancient mysteries, unlock unbelievably powerful Knowledge and use it for a whole lot of good yet so few people choose to do that. There seems to be one particular obstacle to achieving this because it means sacrificing what so few of us have, Time.

It takes time and patience to comprehend what it all truly means for you but if you’re dedicated enough to achieve the “first level of understanding” you realise there is no turning back. You’ve let the genie out of the fucking bottle and you just have to keep going. Before too long you discover that there are layers upon layers of symbols and meanings that are all interconnected, they’re leading to something bigger and you can feel it. You know it in your gut that there is something here but just when you think you’ve hit the jackpot, you find yet another piece of the puzzle that takes you further down the rabbit hole.  You find yourself changing,  you’re not the same person you were when you first set out on this path. Slowly with time you begin to understand that the reality that you ‘perceive’ is only one version of many possibilities and that you have the potential to gain full control and manipulate the outcome of any possible situation.

To reach that state of Knowing, one has to give up so much! If you really want to set that magician within you FREE, you have to constantly FOCUS, continuously maintain an open your mind, be ready to accept a whole new set of ideas; I’m not talking about making a few adjustments to your thought patterns, but literally drop everything you ever learned or were taught to believe, erase all of the dogma, forget everything you think you know about spirituality or God. You have to practically dismantle every single belief system you were programmed to follow, destroy yourself from the inside and with sheer will, push yourself to change things about you which you never believed needed changing. It is this WILL that will enable you to rise like a phoenix from the ashes.

Could this be why only 1% are up to the task?

It’s a lonely process too because in many cases those around you won’t really get it… they won’t be supportive and might even consider an intervention. They most likely will not understand it and you’d be a fool to try to explain it to them UNLESS they themselves have chosen to search for their own Truth. They may mock you, judge you, decide that you’re not ‘normal’ enough. A word of advice: silence is golden. Nobody needs to know and it’s better that way but it makes this journey all the more lonely.

The ancient mysteries as they are commonly referred to are nothing more than tools or guides which have been repeatedly given to us through out time so that we can reach our maximum potential. Not just as physical beings, as people,  but as the Self (or what is most commonly described as the Soul). The end-game is to know your Self, who you really are and that is to become one with the Creator within (call it God, Jesus, Buddah, Allah, the source of love, the light, Goddess, etc).

There are forces within us that need to be contained and directed in order to set the magus in you free. These forces are within our Self but they are also all around us, externally.  We tend to think of nature as being APART from us but that is a misconception. It is in fact a part of us. We actually are nature, so whether we accept it or not, we are influenced by the forces of nature on every level of being.  So we take these forces, we seize them and direct them according to our Will.  For example… electricity! You can’t see but it is everywhere, all around us. If you seize it and run an electical current through a bulb, you will have light. It’s the same thing with the forces within us. One must seize them and direct them to give us the results we want.

There is a lot of truth behind the theory that the world is literally run by a CABAL of powerful evil lunatics that want to establish a one-world super power. They accessed this Knowledge encoded in the Ancient Mysteries and have been using it against the average people for centuries. YES! Knowledge is power after all. As you can see, the psychos are running a muck with it.  They’re holding on to every last bit of power and they’re not going to let you have it. In fact, they’re going to take all of your time away from you because as long as they’re in power you will waste away your days watching TV, working like the slave you are, spending the money you saved all year long on senseless holiday sales, oh! The toil is endless! By taking away your precious time, they’ve greatly reduced the risk of  having masses engage in the practice of Self Mastery.

They’ve mastered their Self. They have full control of their emotions, their thoughts, their actions. The power that comes with knowing the Self is absolutely divine. This Great Work requires one to radically change and go deep within. It’s a mastery of the self through deep-introspective processes such as daily meditation, self-discipline, controlling your thoughts, choosing your words carefully, constantly examining yourself to the point of perfection, understanding how your body works and how the energy flows and functions within you… there is so much more that goes into this. It requires absolute dedication and TIME!!!

99% don’t care to do this. For them it’s easier to just stand on a street corner, burn tires and protest but that isn’t going to change anything. 99% will blame each other because everyone is everyone’s problem these days but nobody inquires about the source of the problem because nobody wants to accept that WE are the problem. Our laziness, our cowardice, our weak minds and faint hearts. We KNOW something is wrong. We KNOW the system is broken but so few of us have the WILL to REALLY do anything about it.


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