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Tel Aviv in 8 minutes

June 7th, 2009 by Artemis


I am passionate about video editing and I’ve always wanted to put something together in honour of this great city that I live in.

At first I thought I’d go out and shoot a bunch of footage but then I realized that I would never have enough time to cover the entire city or capture everything it has to offer so I turned to Youtube and collected nearly 5000 minutes of video then proceeded to cut away, tiny pieces and parts, from everything I could find related to the city.

This compilation is my bold attempt to capture the spirit, the very essence of Tel Aviv. The quality isn’t so great, sorry about that, I had some trouble with the compression but as long as you watch it on small screen, it’s ok. I intend to fix the compression at one point.

Now, sit back for a moment and experience Tel Aviv

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Tel Aviv Nights