On the Great Work

The very word Illumination brings to my mind a wild illusion of grandeur.  A relentless feeling of awe runs through every nerve in my body and passionately I feel embraced. This word rolls off my tongue like butter. Illumination, illumination, IL-LUMINAY-SHUN. I can almost taste the sweet glowing strands of light, graceful  and gentle, whipping my cheeks, […]

Trump on this

There is something magnetic about The Donald. For as much as I can’t stand the fool, I’m captivated by his stupidity and his genius alike. He’s not the sharpest pencil in the box but he has mastered the media and for this alone I can say the man is a genius. But ONLY this. His ridiculousness  is […]

The Octopus

Everything is a perfect mess in the world and there is only one way to fix it. Since you can’t quite unmake an omelette, the only choice we have is to dismantle the entire system and start over. Hopefully this time with a better plan. Maybe nature will do us all a favor and slap […]

A Human Tragedy

  What happened!?   When did we stop respecting life? And did we ever actually have the capacity in our hearts to love a stranger? What ever happened to ‘love thy neighbor’? I have to believe that at one point in time we cherished those values, passed them on to the next generation and held […]

Bitcoin is for Goonies

On the day Mt.Gox shut down, I came across an article with a headline that went something like: “Proof that Women are smarter than men” followed by the tagline “More men than women use Bitcoin.” I was so incredibly annoyed by that headline that I didn’t even bother reading the article. My first thought was […]


DIE BITCH, DIE!   When I first heard of Facebook´s crystal clear intention of introducing Facial Recognition to their growing list of ‘cool new features‘, I was stunned for a minute …or two. I asked myself: Do people REALLY understand what this will do to their privacy? Instead of deleting my Facebook account on the spot […]

Bad Education

Let me start by saying that the Israeli educational system lacks vision and innovation. But that’s not the only problem. Teachers are underpaid, ill-prepared or otherwise totally incompetent and the curriculum is antiquated. And thats just the short list of problems. The band of clowns running this circus (AKA: Ministry of Education) frequently changes leadership […]

I’m back, BITCHES!

I deeply admire people who are consistent about keeping journals and diaries; they dutifully make it a point to jot down every detail as if their life depends on it. Letters become words, words become sentences, than paragraphs and ultimately adding up to a whole body of moments, pages upon pages, of memories, deep thoughts, […]

TLV in 8 minutes

I LOVE video editing, it is my first love in fact. I’ve always wanted to put something together in honor of this great city. Tel Aviv is a magical little playground which everyone should visit at least once in their life. At first I thought I’d go out and shoot a bunch of footage but then […]